Doncopolitan in Pictures 2013-2014

10304977_296385530541664_8367091549096671155_n The Leopard, much loved music venue closes it’s doors in 2014. 10305417_801433569876647_8957302795207541123_n-1 Doncopolitan Issue Two launches on 5th July 2014. 10330293_296385450541672_3382789458181960256_n “Copper” mechanical Junk Sculpture created by Rossington Artist Adam Ogden 2014. 10368383_296385153875035_6232231105553252634_n Street Art Mural in Waterdale by Kosy 2013. 10369913_296385123875038_282630909490114853_n New Fringe Open Art Show 2014. 10369976_296385080541709_6788304007642401406_n Doncopolitan Issue 1 & 2 July 2014. 10400768_296385520541665_8673249234893537782_n Cast in Doncaster  2014. 10401432_296385587208325_5233781899262635462_n PifPaf at the DNWeekND 2014. 10411304_296385140541703_5920319741154029390_n Draw Doncaster with Terry Chip at the DNweekND 2014. 10444364_296385630541654_1924642185092821962_n 10462475_296385317208352_443092088546351474_n New Fringe, Art Collective 2014.   10464012_296385097208374_5051569213588463124_n Matt from Avit Blues 2014. 10475260_296384890541728_1554709960867012009_n Jack the Stag at “The Gifting” Church View 2014. 10478178_10152466306150860_8593786801706168888_n Wayne Ryalls promoting Issue 2 of the Doncopolitan on the LockDown Show at Sinefm. 10478234_296385067208377_8923951451580230887_n James Boden performing at the Telling Part 2 2013. 10479089_296385047208379_7417286816084879587_n Doncaster Town Centre from the Principles Balcony at the HUB 2014. 10482860_296384917208392_767582662340677547_n New Fringe Open Art Show 2013. 10489782_296385550541662_4053831296312728277_n 10491098_296385540541663_2455869050594719932_n Artist Terry Chip at New Fringe Art Show 2014. 10505479_296385547208329_5524119718839559058_n Mad Dog, Avit Blues 2014. 10505587_10154259673485366_7224911082308354163_n New Fringe Art Show 2014. 10514585_296385077208376_8924658220132806146_n Rita Payne Doncaster Folk Festival 2014.   10516767_296385497208334_6190684323323968809_n University Centre Campus, Old Hall, High Melton 2014. 10516796_296385340541683_3881421281442028438_n New Fringe Open Art Show 2014. 10527575_296384973875053_5016538349885872257_n Church View Centre 2014.         10541807_296385523874998_2453910083514475016_n Doncaster College School of Creative Industries 2014. 10547632_296385333875017_422716902872848183_n Church View Centre 2014.


About Rachel Horne

Visual artist and co-creator of Doncopolitan Magazine. One half of Horne & Draper.

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We Support Doncaster Pride

We Support Doncaster Pride


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