#Issue14 #DoncoGuide New Weird Planet

Something NEW and WEIRD is shaking the very foundations of the art music scene in Doncaster, South Yorkshire.

It started as a humble radio show on Friday nights on SineFM but mutated into something unfathomable. But NEW WEIRD PLANET is much more than a radio show. It is shape-shifting and without boundaries, encompassing a virtual online record label, with a community mindset that shucks off the shackles of corporate restraint and (mis)management, to reclaim a refreshing heartfelt musical integrity, artistic expression and supportive spirit away from the companies trying to sell them to us. Music, film and the arts is the NEW WEIRD PLANET voice and the art that results perfectly compliments the movement’s beliefs, dreams and aims.


NEW WEIRD PLANET is a collective of musicians, writers and filmmakers supporting and promoting one another, involving such local establishments as Doncopolitan, SineFM, Phantom Cinema and Notorious Aardvark. It sets out to present bespoke eclectic evenings of weird and wonderful musical showcasing: an empty canvas and open forum for the open-minded. Original, quirky art-forms and explorations: songs and soundscapes, film screenings, installations, spoken word, dance, podcasts and performance. Free-roaming (involving other towns and cities eventually), desultory nights of off-kilter entertainment coming soon to a venue near you.

Diversity in musical genres is key and it is the intention to demonstrate this by mixing each gig line-up to incorporate the variety of music out there. Whether it’s ambient doom, prog, psyche rock, alt-pop, orchestral, post-everything, sonic explorations, soundscape DJs, ethereal shoegaze, noise-rock, electronica or drone sludge, et al.

Ground Zero v1.1 for the first NEW WEIRD PLANET Micro-Fest is February 2, 2016, in a secret art-space in Doncaster. It is a great experiment, a test to get things just perfect and balanced. This first one is by coded invite only. Artists and bands already on board include UV-Pop, Pulselovers, Dark Static, Microchip Junky, Little Mono, Shell Our Moon, Mangabros, Floodlights, Experimental Sonic Machines, Tape Noise Dex and Freak Art for Art Freaks.

Art Freaks! If you make music, or just like what you hear or see… if you create art, make films, or saw something that blew you away… if you met some people who inspired you, or would like to meet them… if you like all things new, and weird, not necessarily of THIS planet.. then let us know, and get involved.


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We Support Doncaster Pride

We Support Doncaster Pride


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